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Independent music news, reviews, audio and video podcasting, festivals and more since 1996
brainwashed 18小时
Review of Phill Niblock's "Music for Cello" ().
brainwashed 1月28日
Review of Black to Comm's "Seven Horses for Seven Kings" ().
brainwashed 1月28日
New podcast episode is up Tunes by Nadine Byrne, Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant, Rema-Rema, Ectoplasm Girls, áine O'Dwyer/Graham Lambkin, Elena Setién, Cherushii & Maria Minerva, The Dead C, Liberez, and Black To Comm Stockholm photo by Kristen
brainwashed 1月23日
A belated review of Nadine Byrne's "Dreaming Remembering" (iDEAL).
brainwashed 1月22日
Review of Luciernaga's "Alive in Dark Rooms."
brainwashed casino trực tuyến uy tín 1月21日
brainwashed 1月20日
Podcast Episode 403: Lali Puna, Matmos, Bowery Electric, J?h Division, Ultramarine, Laurie Spiegel, Michael O'Shea, Locust, Dolphin Midwives, Peter Br?tzmann & Heather Leigh, Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, Jozef van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch Photo by
brainwashed 1月20日
Brainwashed Readers Poll: 1999 Recount Voting Round Open Now!
brainwashed 1月16日
Review of Liberez's "Way Through Vulnerability" ( ).
brainwashed 1月16日
It's 2019, perfect time for a recount of the Brainwashed Readers Poll for 1999. Nomination round is quick this time, nominations are still being accepted only until January 20th. Thanks to all who have contributed already.
brainwashed 1月15日
Review of Aine O'Dwyer & Graham Lambkin's "Green Ways" ().
brainwashed 1月14日
Review of Richard Skelton's "Front Variations" (Aeolian/).
brainwashed 1月7日
For years print and online publications have been telling you what to listen to, but for 20 years the Brainwashed readers have had the last word. The 20th Annual Brainwashed Readers Poll results have been published Thanks to all All the best for 2019!
brainwashed 1月2日
Happy belated birthday!!!
brainwashed 1月1日
Like 2018, the voting is over for the 20th Annual Brainwashed Readers Poll Results will be posted no later than Sunday. Thank you
brainwashed 12月29日
Brainwashed's 20th Annual Readers Poll is taking place until the end of the year. Voting round will conclude at the end of the year.
brainwashed 12月25日
The newest episode of Brainwashed Radio: the Podcast Edition is live Enjoy our quiet wintery mix featuring The Legendary Pink Dots, The Durutti Column, Colder, Cabaret Voltaire, Mazzy Star, Boxhead Ensemble, Mimir, and . photo from upstate NY
brainwashed 12月20日
The 20th Annual Brainwashed Readers Poll: Nomination Round is Open! Thanks to the massive outpouring of nominations so far. However, there's still plenty of compilations, reissues, and singles I'm sure we're overlooking... Thanks for your input as always.
brainwashed 12月17日
? 1997 Poll Results up ? 2018 Poll Nomination Round Open ? Podcast Episode 400 is up w/Mouse On Mars, Beast, Organum, Laibach, Kamwema Jean, Stargazer Lilies, Songs: Ohia, serpentwithfeet, Sean McCann, Nick Malkin, Koray Kantarcioglu, & Machinefabriek
brainwashed 12月17日
回复 @XaviY15
yep, doing chapters for over 10 years now!
brainwashed 12月14日
Review of "Listen All Around: The Golden Age of Central and East African Music" ().
brainwashed 12月12日
Review of Howard Stelzer's "Across the Blazer" (Marginal Frequencies).
brainwashed 12月11日
Review of Kelly Moran's "Optimist" (Obsolete Units).
brainwashed 12月7日
Review of Distant Animals' "Lines" (Hallow Ground):
brainwashed 12月6日
A belated review of "African Scream Contest, Vol. 2" ().
brainwashed 12月5日
Review of Peter Br?tzmann and Heather Leigh's "Sparrow Nights" ().
brainwashed 12月2日
回复 @Iheartnoise
That's the link you should use every week. Every week we post new releases from Forced Exposure Every week a new file is generated: the URL is dynamic so just go to the home page.
brainwashed 12月2日
2 New podcast episodes are live with music from 1997. Tunes from Panasonic, Trans Am, Labradford, NWW & Aranos, Laika, Mouse On Mars, Aerial M, Low, Scala, GusGus, Fridge, The Sea And Cake, He Said Omala, Songs: Ohia, Godflesh, Windy & Car and more!
brainwashed 12月1日
The Brainwashed Annual Readers Poll: Rewind 1997 VOTE ROUND IS NOW OPEN!
brainwashed 11月27日
Review of Etelin's "Hui Terra" (), the latest project from Students of Decay's Alex Cobb.